I hate how...

2008-12-27 19:27:08 by TaradinoCassatt

Society has been eroded so much that Microsoft have removed any sense of mystery and wonder from the world relationships and dating. Long gone are the days when you could be stood with your mates at the bar enjoying a nice adult beverage, when a you spy a nice looking filly. You see she's on her own and looking lonely. So you wander over and introduce yourself, you casually drop into conversation that you prefer Windows over OSX, but it's at that it suddenly dawns on you "Does she agree with me? Or is she a Mac sorta girl?!" you both pause for a moment and then laugh at the thought of Steve Jobs sat crying onto his stylish, yet affordable range of laptops in a wide range of colours. Your heart begins to race, your puplis dilate as you realise "She's like me! She get's it! This is great."
So tell me Bill what exactly is wrong with this scenario that you have to force everyone to announce to the world where their loyalties lie? You've taken all the fun out of the 'Thrill of the chase', it's no thrill anymore! Everyone knows who likes what. Sure, it's conveniant, but where's the excitement?! Give it a couple of years they'll be opening Mac and Microsoft only bars and the world will cry gigantic salty tears and Jeff Goldblum will reminisce about the "good old days" when he used to air his pro-mac views without a care of what he was setting in motion.

Foreshame William, foreshame.

I hate how...

I couldn't believe it either.

Also, Alicia Witt is Ginger/hot.

Shocking revelations...You will question your very mind!

I had some free time today (as I do most days. Thank you very much economic down-turn) and found myself contemplating balls and the problems that arise thereof: -

- They are excrutiatingly painful when struck with even the slightest impact.
- They hang in the perfect place to be utterly crushed whenever you sit down (see above also)
- They sweat like all hell.
- They itch like all hell.
- They were designed to be far too sensitive so that any deodorant you spray (to alleviate the sweating, see above) will literally make them burst into flames.

As I pondered these points, I realised that while all of them were true. You can't deny balls look damn good on a girls chin. I rest my case.

The London meet

2008-08-29 12:01:00 by TaradinoCassatt

Just seen about the meet up in London tomorrow. I'm well pissed that I can't go, on account of having NO money at all <polite pause for offers> So I shall simply say this, have a great time guys and I hope I can scrape enough cash together for next year.

Chris x

Collaboration and the Clunes

2008-07-22 12:58:31 by TaradinoCassatt

Hello to my fan,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Cameron for giving me the chance and having the patience to let me <a llegedly> voice act on Sherry Enema: #3.
I first met Cameron whilst serving in the merchant navy, he was a salty old rascal, with a chin that even the barnacles wouldn't touch. That said he was quite the whizz with flash.....who knew?!
I hope you enjoy the third installment and my voice mouth talking doesn't wrinkle your proverbial nutsack.......too much.

Thanks a big ol' bundle.


Oh and here's a pic of me recording the above talkie.

Collaboration and the Clunes

Shock horror!!!!

2008-06-20 14:05:27 by TaradinoCassatt

Today, I have actually submitted something!!!! I know. I couldn't believe it either. Please check it out below. As I type this i'm working on some other voice reels to submit for your approval. If any flash artists are working on any projects and feel like giving a rookie voice actor a break then please get in touch.



I am a chew toy.

2008-04-02 21:51:18 by TaradinoCassatt

I'm so sick of seeing a bloody advert mocking my distinct lack of Flash prowess everytime I check how my blam/protects are coming along. So, I am hereby adding this.....A short piece about....Well not a great deal really. In fact you might even call it mindless drivel, yeah you can call it that.

Also, you can enjoy this little piece I like to call "Even Angels....er.......Suck Devil's Dicks?..."

I am a chew toy.